Does your property qualify for protection under the Building Safety Act?

Recent changes brought about by the Building Safety Act and the associated regulations may provide some leaseholders with protections against costs arising from certain building safety related costs, in some circumstances. A deed of certificate, in the prescribed form set out by government, needs to be completed to determine if you are eligible for the protections. You can choose to complete and send a deed of certificate to your landlord at any time. An editable version of the template can be downloaded here.

The protections apply in buildings that are at least 11 meters in height or have at least 5 storeys. For more information, please follow this link for the government’s ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page. You will need to send us some important supporting documents and information with your deed and the guidance in these FAQs will help you get this right

Please return completed leaseholder deeds of certificate to: Leaseholder Certificate Deed Team, HomeGround Management Ltd, PO Box 6433, London, W1A 2UZ. And via e-mail: