Frequently Asked Questions

If you have applied for terms to extend your lease and you agree to the terms on offer, the fees payable at conveyancing stage are made up of:

  • Landlord offer price fee = £150*
  • Landlord’s solicitor (third party) legal fees (conveyancing) = £700 plus VAT (£840 total)
  • HomeGround administration fee (instructing solicitors, preparing documents for signature, updating records) = £400
  • Disbursements = normally minimal and typically in the region of £20.

*Please note that the landlord offer price fee of £150 will be refunded on completion of your lease extension.

The landlord’s offer will be made on the basis that the ground rent continues to be payable for the original term of the lease (inclusive of any reviews), and thereafter reverts to a peppercorn for the duration of the extension period. This offer is made in compliance with the provisions of the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022.

As the legal owner of a leasehold property you may be required to obtain permission from your landlord (usually called consent) before housing a pet. We suggest you check your lease before completing the application form because if there is a strict ‘no pets’ restriction in your lease, your landlord will not grant consent.

The application to house a pet can be completed through your account on the HomeGround portal – where you can also check a copy of your lease.

The application process is quick and easy and we respond within 3–5 working days. Once your application is received, we assign it a case number. Please quote this case number every time you discuss your application with us.

If you are already registered on the HomeGround portal but need help resetting your password, please click here.

To register on the HomeGround portal you will need your 12-digit customer reference number and your security key, which can be found in the welcome pack that was sent to you when we first acquired your property and on our invoices. If you need help with your security key and customer reference number, please complete an enquiry form.

To register, please click here.

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