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Your Questions Answered

We have tried to anticipate, and aim to answer, your queries as fully as possible.

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  • Our Role

    Who are HomeGround?

    We provide management services for landlords.

    HomeGround Management Limited is a UK company registered in England and Wales.

    Our team includes professionally accredited property managers, accountants and solicitors.

    What does HomeGround do?

    We collect and administer Ground Rents on behalf of your landlord. We also implement rent reviews, and arrange building insurance, manage lease extensions and freehold purchases, landlords' consents and title transfers on behalf of the Landlord.

    Do you deal with service charges and maintenance?

    No. We are not involved with the maintenance or management of your building. Service charges are entirely separate from your Ground Rent and are dealt with by the managing agent of your building.

  • Contacting Us

    I would like to telephone and speak to someone at HomeGround

    Our aim is to provide an efficient and cost effective service. We are a small team and do not offer telephone contact details, we are however committed to acknowledging and responding to your enquiries as quickly as possible.

    Our three-step contact procedure.

    1. See Our Website FAQs and Information Resources Section

      Our website anticipates your questions and is carefully designed to provide you with all the information you require. Before you contact us, first check our Frequently Asked Questions and Information Resource.
    2. Use the Form on The Contact Us Page

      N.B You will need your 12 digit Customer Reference Number.
    3. We Will Then Contact You

      If you can't find you customer reference number you can email us at:

      or write to us at:
      HomeGround Management Ltd

      PO Box 6433
      London W1A 2UZ

      N.B Please provide your Customer Reference number if you have it.
  • How do I make a Complaint?

    Please click here to download our Complaints Procedure pdf

  • How do I make a Complaint about Insurance?

    Please click here to download our Insurance Complaints Procedure pdf

  • Where Can I Find my Log In Details?

    You need your unique 12-digit Customer Reference Number, your password and a current email address to log in to our customer portal and access Your Account. Please remember that you will be prompted to change these to more memorable ones when activating Your Account.

    • Your 12 digit Customer Reference Number can be found at the top of your introductory letter we sent you with your Welcome Pack.
    • For your security, we send you your password in a separate letter.

      Please email or write to us if
    • You have lost your Customer Reference Number or password
    • If you have not yet received a Welcome Pack or password
    • If you are having trouble logging in to your account
  • Your Ground Rent Demand Notice

    How can I pay my Ground Rent?

    See the About Your Account section of this website.

    How can I check if I owe Ground Rent and that HomeGround should collect it?

    We will only contact you if we have been appointed by your landlord to collect your Ground Rent.

    Your solicitor should have informed you of your Ground Rent obligations when you purchased the property. The Ground Rent details are part of your lease.

    If your Landlord recently bought the interest you should have received a letter from us. If you need another copy please email or write to us.

    What happens if I don't pay my Ground Rent?

    Paying your Ground Rent is usually a condition of your lease and is an unavoidable legal requirement - there are penalties for non-payment. You need to prove you have paid your Ground Rent to sell your lease or make property alterations.

    We issue your Ground Rent demand notices (in accordance with the Leasehold Reform Act) 30 days before the due date.

    If we have not received a payment from you 14 days after the due date, we send:

    • a first reminder letter which will not incur a fee.
    • a second reminder letter (7 days later) charged at £45.00

    If the invoice has still not been settled after 7 days, then a court referral fee of £100.00 will be applied to your account and a letter will be sent to inform you that your landlord has instructed solicitors on enforcement action.

    We urge you to contact us as soon as possible if you have any queries about your Ground Rent notices or reminders or you have difficulty paying and we pledge to deal with your queries as courteously and effectively as possible.

    I have just taken over the property, but you have sent me a demand for Ground Rent arrears. Shouldn't the previous owner pay?

    Unfortunately Ground Rent is based on properties rather than ownership; under the Limitation Act of 1980 you could be liable for up to six years of Ground Rent arrears. Your solicitor should advise you of any Ground Rent arrears at the time of purchase. If they have not, you may need to seek independent advice.

    If you pay using HomeGround's online payment system, you can view your payment on your statement of account online.

  • I Haven't Received a Ground Rent Notice?

    It is possible that your correct contact details have not been passed to HomeGround by your previous agent. Please update your contact details (see above under 'Contacting Us') via email or write to us.

    Please contact us by email or post if:

    • We have incorrect contact details for you
    • You think the figures on the Ground Rent Demand Notice are wrong
    • If you have sold the property
    • If you require a refund
    • You have already paid your Ground Rent.
  • Issues Affecting Your Lease

    Obtaining Duplicate Copies of Your Lease

    Through the customer portal you can access and download a copy of your lease for a small charge. Alternatively we can supply you with a duplicate copy of your lease. Please see Our Services page where you can apply online using the duplicate lease form, or Contact Us.

    Buying, Selling and Letting Your Property

    Your solicitor should ask you for your Landlord's details when you are buying or selling or letting your property. You may need to provide proof that your Ground Rent has been paid. If we have been appointed to collect and organise your Ground Rent on behalf of your Landlord you should also pass on our contact details to your solicitor.

    I want to let or make alterations to the property; do I need to contact you?

    Yes. You must inform your Landlord via HomeGround and obtain their consent or you risk invalidating the terms of your lease and building's insurance. Please see Our Services for further information.

    Where can I find more information on Landlord and Tenants' rights and obligations?

    Please visit our Information Resource section where you can see a range of useful articles on Leaseholds and the law and a selection of links for a list of helpful organisations.

    For further individual information, we recommend the government's Leasehold Advisory Service LEASE at www.lease-advice.org which has a free telephone helpline.

    We also recommend that you contact your legal advisor.

  • Payment Processes and Information

    Can I pay by direct debit, in person, by standing order or over the telephone?

    We do not currently accept direct debits, personal or telephone payments. We do however accept standing orders.

    Are my financial details secure?

    HomeGround's banking services are supplied by Coutts & Co, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group and our online payment services are supplied by SagePay and conform to their codes of conduct ensuring protection and privacy. See our terms and conditions.

    Are there any charges to use your online payment system?

    HomeGround will not apply any fees for payments made via our portal.  Please check with your card provider for any processing charges associated with using your card.

    How can I obtain a receipt for my payment?

    If you require a receipt or statement please email us and we will supply you one.

    What happens to the payments I make to HomeGround?

    Once the ground rent payment is made, you have fulfilled your legal obligations to your landlord. We ensure your ground rent is paid directly into your Landlord's bank account. Our banking services are supplied by London-based bank, Coutts & Co, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

    Our online payment system allows you to print off a statement in seconds, proving you have paid. Why am I unable to make a payment?

    We may not currently have you on our system as the owner of the property as we may not yet have been informed of changes of ownership. Please email or write to us if it is a recent purchase and that your solicitor has notified us.

    Which credit cards are accepted for payment online?

    We accept Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron and Mastercard

  • Why Have I Received an Invoice for Arrears?

    These Arrears are based on records passed on to us from your previous Freeholder upon our client's purchase of the Freehold of your property. They show that you have not yet paid your Ground Rent for the periods shown on the invoice. We understand that some of you may have already settled these outstanding Ground Rent Arrears with your previous Freeholder (or their agent).

    If you believe that you have already paid these ground rent arrears to your previous Freeholder (or their agent), please provide us with proof of payment to enable us to investigate and amend your account accordingly.

    If you require further assistance regarding your arrears invoice, please do not hesitate to contact us at enquiries@homegroundonline.com


If you can't find the answers to your questions on this page get in touch via the form on the Contact Us page.

Alternatively to help you access independent support services and telephone advice lines for leasehold tenants. HomeGround has also put together a helpful Information Resource section.

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