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We are here to guide you through the pitfalls and privileges of leasehold ownership.

Fulfilling your legal obligations and maintaining a healthy Landlord/Tenant relationship should be as simple and efficient as possible. We believe you deserve easy access to open information when you apply for leasehold services.



Ground Rent

Ground Rent is the rent you must pay to your Landlord, for the right to live on the Landlord's land. It is entirely separate from Service Charges which are dealt with by Managing Agents. Your lease determines when, how often and how much Ground Rent you pay.


You can find out how to make and keep track of payments in the About Your Account area of this site.

Living With Your Lease

Your lease may have covenants (conditions) such as obtaining your landlord's consent to alterations, or you may want to negotiate buying the freehold or extending your lease.


Take a look at Our Services to see how we can assist you with these and a whole range of other leasehold issues.

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